Protecting Rhinos

Rhinos stand on the brink of extinction, mainly due to illegal killing in order to remove their horns, which are believed to have medicinal properties as well as perceived status value. The Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative addresses the current poaching crisis in South Africa with an emphasis on rhinos and the growing increase of wildlife crime.The Wilderness Foundation focuses on DNA collection from rhinos, which strengthens the national database and assists in criminal poaching convictions. In addition, their rescue and rehabilitation staff aids in preserving this endangered group of animals. These actions, as well as effective protection, have already demonstrated success. It has been reported that at least two of the critical black rhino breeding reserves have produced offspring and enjoy the safeguarding of anti-poaching units.

Conservation OutREACH has supported Rhino Protection Initiatives and Conservancies since 2016. Through their conservation efforts and messaging, Zoos are a big part of the OutREACH community that help to create an understanding of wildlife threats and form an awareness of rhino population trends that affect the world’s biodiversity.