Ensuring Uganda’s Diversity

Uganda is high in biodiversity and the Murchison Falls region is no exception. However, due to human encroachment, habitat loss, disease and poaching, wildlife is at high risk of injury and death. The Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) aims to balance the critical relationship between development, wildlife and habitat conservation. In addition to wildlife protection, UCF conducts important research on the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe, elephants and lions in the Murchison Falls area. Supported by UCF, ranger stations and increased patrols by the Uganda Wildlife Authority send a clear message that poaching will not be tolerated and poaching prosecutions have reached 100%.

Lions, elephants, giraffe and other wildlife have all been saved due to the ability to quickly respond to animals in the region. The OutREACH community has helped UCF implement crucial projects that directly affect wildlife in Uganda including anti-poaching patrols and ranger stations.